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Pactrol announce the release of CSS 2 - A digital FSC replacement for CSS

Gas Appliance Controls with Diagnostics


These pages outline the features available on Pactrol's range of microprocessor based Gas Appliance Controllers.

The list of features is for guidance only and is not exhaustive.

If there are any features not listed which you require in your controller specification, then please contact Pactrol with a description of your rquirements and we will be delighted to respond with a range of appropriate solutions.

Pactrol has been designing innovative electronic controls for gas appliances since 1969 and has developed a wide range of solutions for appliance controls. Pactrol designs controls to meet customer driven specifications exactly and deliver only the features required. This ensures best value for money.

Our experience of developing microprocessor based software controls coupled with proven hardware modules allows us to offer a fast turn-around bespoke design service for the three main elements of a control system:-

  • ALC: Appliance Logic Control
  • FSC: Full Sequencer Control
  • MMI: Man Machine Interface